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tl-bullet.gif Training Facility
The Institute of Human Performance

IHPCOMBAT, located in the beautiful city of Boca Raton, utilizes the best training facilty in the country: The Institute of Human Performance (IHP). IHP is a training facility second to none; it is where the best come to train and professionals come to learn. IHP is the home of IHPCOMBAT. Check out our training facility!

  • IHP - 7200 sq ft, packed with the latest in equipment, therapy, training tools for your success
  • IHP - works with equipment and supplement companies in research and development. We are a living example of cutting edge training practices
  • IHP Trains trainers and coaches through coaching education clinics and seminars
  • IHP - trains athletes of all levels: NFL, NHL, MLB, Olympians --;you name it.
We are the best – period.

Some of the top Mixed Martial Artists, Grapplers, and Fighters have walked the floors of the Institute of Human Performance. Our facility has also been graced by athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, the Olympic Games and various World Championships. As a matter of fact we have had World Champions, National Champions and State Champions from practically every sport come through the doors at IHP.

At IHP, we understand that when preparing for the next level, whether it is the NFL Combine, the Olympics, the World Championships, Pride, the Wrestling State Championships, a World Championship Boxing Match, or a local state meet, proper preparation is critical. Therefore, we work with these athletes on form, mechanics, and tips that may give them advantages for greater success; while recognizing that strength and power must be improved to maximize their chances of becoming a champion. In order to be a champion, you have to surround yourself with winners. You have to create a championship team that understands how to properly train, manage time, and all other resources. This professional environment will create the championship training scenario that all champions need.

When it comes to Championship training and Championship preparation, the Ihpcombat team is at the top of the food chain!

Ihpcombat brings together some of the most accomplished professionals in performance enhancement. JC Santana is the director and act as the liaison to the other branches of the team. Dr. Joey Antonio, is one of the most accomplished nutrition experts and supplement designers in the world, and he serves as the nutrition advisor to Ihpcombat. Dr. Mark Rosenberg is one of the leading Life-Extension practitioners in the US, and he serves as our medical consultant. Between Dr. Antonio and Dr. Rosenberg, there are no nutritional or medical situations that Ihpcombat can’t handle; from diets, to blood work, to stitching, to balancing hormones.

Ihpcombat also provides top level technical and technical expertise: from sparring to film analysis. Ihpcombat has many alliances with top fighting teams, such as the American Top Team. We work with some of the best fighters in the world and use them for technical sessions with our clients. So if we need to get you a private technical session with a world class combatant – no problem.

At Ihpcombat, we will also analyze every aspect of our athlete’s performance. We will assess their anthropometrics, their nutrition, their muscular imbalances, their injuries (and their propensity toward injury), their film (video) and their overall athleticism. We guarantee that if the athletes heed the advice of our staff and the professionals that are available to them – they will improve.

Who needs IHPCOMBAT?
The People Who Are Looking To Become Champions in Sport and Life!

If you are looking for a professional resource to help you improve, to help you reach the next level of fitness, to help you perform optimally, to improve your quality of life, IHPCOMBAT is the place to go. Not all performance programs are created equal. Our expertise in biomechanics and functional training assures that your training program is personalized and executed as planned. If you need to outlast the competition, IHPCOMBAT'S training systems will give you the gas to make sure you are the last one standing when the smoke clears.


Our expertise lies in training the whole athlete for HUMAN PERFORMANCE. IHPCOMBAT is the cutting edge for athletic development. Let us design the program for your athletes to improve their speed, quickness, balance and strength. Allow us to use our expertise to help your athletes reach their goals and achieve untapped levels of championship performance.



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    El Primer Recurso Educacional De Entrenamineto Funcional


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Boca raton, FL 33432
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