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Join us and become a MMA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC)!  Learn the latest training methods from one of the worlds top strength and conditionign coaches, JC Santana. 


You don't have to watch television or get on the internet to understand that MMA is the hottest sport today. If you don’t know what MMA is, you have stumbled upon the best MMA strength and conditioning site in world today. If you do know what MMA strength and conditioning is all about, then welcome to IHPcombat your number one MMA and Combat Training Resource.

Sports and martial arts such as boxing, kick boxing, karate, judo, jiujitsu, sambo, wrestling and submission wrestling are all part of MMA. The sport of MMA has become the fastest growing sports in the world today.  MMA owns most of the top Pay per View events in history, and out performs the top sports combine on cable.  The Ulitmate Figthing Championships, and a host of other mixed martial arts shows have now not only taken over sports, they have defined a culture. Everything from our clothes, to our tattoos, to our workouts, our desired look is greatly driven my MMA.


IHPCombat has recognized this shift for the lat 8 years and has been at the forefront in the strength and conditioning field.  JC Santana founded the Institute of Human Performance (IHP) and designed it layout with the martial artist in mind, especially the MMA fighter.  Sure, regular fold and a slew of professional athletes come to IHP for their physical training, but the all train with the MMA fire!  JC Santana has designed the best training system on the planet at IHP.  He has train some of the best fighters to ever set foot on the field of combat - from MMA fighters to the heroic operators from the ELITE NAVY SEALS DEVGRU TEAM (formerly known as SEAL TEAM 6).  


In order to share all of the great research and development that takes place at IHP, JC Santana has developed a series of certifications with the MMA coach, athlete and fan in mind.  The IHP MMA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC) Certifications are the best educational coach for those interested in understanding the mindset of a fighter, the physiology of combat, and the latest training techniques used by the champions who train our of IHP.  This is not some web-based course, or a bunch of plagiarized information haphazardly slapped together.  This is “real time”, “what we did yesterday”, and “what we are doing tomorrow” information.   No book, no Internet course, and no trainer working out of his car can keep up with this course material! 


TechnoGym now sponsors IHP and our educational tour,  along with other great equipment manufactures. The equipment found at IHP is often times one of a kind!  JC's job is to find the best application for the equipment and make design recommendations based on its performance.  Guess who tests the performance of that equipment - that's right - the fighters at IHP.  


This is what we do at IHP everyday – don’t believe us?  Come and visit us any day of the week and see what we do.  That is an open invitation to all of the non-believers and smack talkers!



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    We invite you to see and feel the IHP difference.
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    Get up close and personal with JC Santana without leaving your computer!
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    El Primer Recurso Educacional De Entrenamineto Funcional


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